My name is Christian Sandviknes, and I am currently located near Ålesund, Norway.

I've been composing for 8 years, and been playing instruments for 14 - with the piano being my main instrument at the time. The reason I first started playing instruments was the thought of creation, where I could envision a song - and then create it. I initially made simplistic songs at the piano, and from there started with more electronic instrumentation - until I found that the best approach for me was to create orchestrated, epic, and immersive music.

In short, I wanted to create music that had inherit meaning - that fulfilled a purpose, and as such I found that soundtrack-oriented music was the best direction to take my music. From there I've evolved from using free soundfonts from the web to creating my music with a powerful rig of controllers, which will be looked closer upon in the next section of the text. 

The Studio & Setup

I am currently using FL Studio 10 as my DAW, which uses powerful VSTi's in the form of PLAY - a quite comprehensive orchestral, metal and ethnic instrument-package from SoundsOnline, produced by East West. In addition to this I use a large setup of software synthesizers, virtual amps and effect plugins - in addition to soundfonts and live takes.

Most my music is played live on MIDI-controllers, such as the Axiom 25, or the stage piano "FP-4" from roland - where the signal is sent by MIDI, to my Audiophile USB MIDI-interface, by M-Audio. For my live takes I am currently patching every analog signal through a Phonic MU1822X, through the Audiophile - and into my computer by USB, for maximum customization.

I use both a DT 770 PRO 80 Ohm headset, and a Koss PRO 4AA Titanium headset for my mixing and my production.

My current computer has a SSD-disc setup, 32 GBs of RAM and a AMD Phenom II Black edition six core processor - to be able to run all of the heavy VSTi's such as PLAY, and more specifically the symphonic choirs. 

Recently, I have also aquired the Komplete 8 package from Native Instruments, along with Shreddage for my guitars, and Symphobia 1 and 2 for some more orchestrated instruments.

I've worked upon a number of songs for flash movies, games, local movie-projects and the like.