Website has launched

The website is, after quite a bit of work - functional. There are still parts that are not currently available, such as the store - but the things that are not yet implemented should be, shortly. 

The downloads sections has been updated to include songs, that you can use for your non-commercial projects.

Further information about the license these songs has been published under can be found here: 

The "About me" section has also been updated with a short summary of both me and the current setup I am running with for my composition and production.

A playlist of a few songs is also currently embedded into the "Home" page of the site, and will be updated as more songs become available both as commercial, and non-commercial work. 

Contact info such as email or instant messenger adresses can be found under the "Contact" section. Comments, requests and reports of bugs can all be sent there - and will be read as soon as possible.