New work in progress

The song "Memories" has now been added to the mp3. player for your listening-pleasure. It marks. the fact that I still have some versatility in me. Enjoy

New Songs

I've now (after quite a bit of holidays, vacations and such) finally started up my production once again - and to show my current progress in this, I've uploaded one of my works in progress (High Seas) which should be updated regularly, so watch out for th…


There's a new song up - called "Titan". It's a cross-breed between a standardized symphonic orchestra song - and a more modern approach. Made more towards the direction of "Easy Listening", I hope you enjoy none the less.

Website has launched

The website is, after quite a bit of work - functional. There are still parts that are not currently available, such as the store - but the things that are not yet implemented should be, shortly.
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